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What our customers say

"I’ve gone to several sites that were supposedly “hunted out” and consistently found more and deeper relics than any of my other machines would’ve heard."

Josh Silva

“I am a firm believer in the T2 with its superb ability to penetrate anything from iron-infested home sites to the highly mineralized red clays.”

Beau Ouimette

“Teknetics machines are the seasoned detectorist’s choice”

Graeme Rushton

“Thank you Teknetics! Keep making dreams and dream finds come true.”

Tim Mathew

Amazing Finds from Denmark

All pieces were found with the Eurotek Pro in one day!

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Variety of finds by Darren

Darren Finds Relics with T2 Ltd

This group of finds was found using the new T2 Ltd with enhanced EMI suppression. I am very impressed!

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Buttons found by James M

James M. - G2 Finds Buttons

Here are a few G2 finds. The 5 buttons All my hunts have been with the Teknetics G2, and most recently using the 10 x 5 DD coil. Amazing combination!

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