5 Things To Do When You Can’t Go Metal Detecting

I think every human can agree that life does not always work out as planned.  Some days you have certain expectations on how your day is going to play out, only to find out life has other plans.   Bend over to grab the morning paper - here is a slipped disc for you. Want some scalding hot coffee in the morning - here is some for your lap fumble fingers.  Have a great road trip planned - here is a blown tire and busted radiator hose for you.


We have all been there in one way or another as metal detectorists as well.  You are chomping at the bit to go outside and metal detect - but can’t. The lightning storm is raging or the snow is falling.  So what is a person to do on such a dreadful day full of free time...besides go crazy?



This one is a no-brainer.  If you can’t get out of the house to go detect, you might as well find some awesome places to detect for the next time.  Hop on the internet and start researching your areas old historical sites. Once you find the locations, use Google maps and take a look from the satellite view to see what is there today.  You might get lucky and see open city or county property just waiting to be detected.


Some websites such as http://www.oldmapsonline.org/ and https://www.historicaerials.com/ will have an overlay option right over Google maps current imaging.  Works great for matching up streets and lots.



I always like to break out my various detector operating manuals once or twice a year.  Sure, I have read them front to back 10 times already. But just like a good book or movie - there is always some little thing that I had forgot, or simply became complacent about.  The manual reminds me of that and I can correct a mistake or remember something that once seemed trivial, but now seems quite important. So my coil faces that way? Ok...got it now!  



Many of us have a small backpack or gear bag that we carry spare batteries and the likes in.  I prefer to be safe rather than sorry - so I tend to carry a bit more than the average guy. However, it is all in a nice Teknetics backpack and I just grab it and go.  


Bug spray - sunscreen - spare batteries - water - snacks - extra coil bolts - camera stuff for videos - spare coils.  Then some of the longer excursions to backcountry need a first aid kit - even MORE water and food - firearm - knife - shovel etc…


It can get pretty crazy at times.   If I can’t go out and use all this stuff, I make sure it is restocked and ready for the next trip out.  (And yes some days I only take a hip pouch and call it good if going just up the street to a city park.)  



Nothing bothers me more than my own laziness.  I must admit on some days that I am so hot and tired from being in this 100+ California heat, that I drop everything and head straight for the shower.  Muddy digging tools...dirty coil...crusty boots. BAH! I will deal with all of you later.


So there they sit in the dirty corner of shame where nobody can see them.  Only to be washed and cleaned on the day that I am ready to go get it all dirty again.  Re-reading that I think I may some sort of issues. Oh doctor!



Nobody likes the guy that thinks it’s cool to be ignorant.  Don’t be that guy! Hop online and hit up those forums, blogs, and YouTube videos.  There is so much information to be had in this digital age it blows my mind. Learn about that one term that veteran guy was using that you have not quite figured out the meaning of.   Post a question or two and let one of the experienced guys drop some knowledge. Even guys who have been doing this for 20-30 years have stuff to learn. Never stop learning.


One of my favorite things to do is just read up on all the different types of detectors and tools people are having success with.  There is not a single day that goes by where I read a metal detecting forum and come back empty. There are some very smart guys posting some very smart stuff.  Read up!


Last but not least - this final one is SO IMPORTANT that it gets its own spot on the list all to itself.  On those days where you just can’t go metal detecting….DO SOMETHING ELSE.


That’s right.  Go enjoy a completely different hobby and mix it up a little bit.  Or better yet go spend some time with family and friends. This is a hobby that can often times consume many hours out of our day to day life depending on how serious we take it - and how often we go.  It can be so addicting that it seems more than a hobby at times. Don’t forget that there ARE other important things going on in your life.


That being said.  Kids are playing at friends house.  Dogs are fed and watered. I’m going metal detecting!  Now if I could only find my car keys...


Hope you enjoyed this blog.  TheHunterGT signing off. I will see you - on the next blog!