News Bulletin - July 22, 2013

Hello Teknetics Representatives! Attached is a new Teknetics price list for your reference. New/changed Items are shaded. Also attached are pictures of some new accessories.


New on the Travel Channel, Wednesdays at 9 PM Central, watch the new reality TV show DIG WARS. The Premier episode aired June 12, about three pairs of detectorists searching for coins and relics with metal detectors. You will see various Teknetics and Fisher detectors on different episodes and we expect it will create an increase in sales so tune in to catch all the details. This show is the best metal detecting reality show on the air, and it really emphasizes proper digging techniques (filling holes) and has a very strong historical aspect to it as well. We think it will be so well received that it will get renewed for a second season! If you miss an episode you can replay it on the Travel Channel website. If you have seen the third episode, you may have also noticed the Teknetics commercial we ran! If you missed it, visit our website and you can view it there along with our other new commercial.

Eurotek, Eurotek Pro and Eurotek Pro11DD

The new Eurotek detectors are now shipping and they are already making a big splash! We have been posting video teasers on our Facebook page (see link below) and the interest is very high. The adjustable Iron Audio feature and the 3 tone audio ID on these units is awesome and they do great in iron and make previously hunted sites come alive again.

Starting in July we will begin building the Eurotek models with an improved control housing design. You will notice a slight overhang on the top-front edge of the control box, giving the Eurotek a more distinctive look. This is a cosmetic change only and does not affect any other function of the detector.


New SWAG!!! We have added a very cool camo pouch to our accessory lineup! This is a two pocket pouch complete with belt, and has the Teknetics Logo. Product is now in stock and ready to ship. View the attached picture, part number is PCH-T, MSRP is $14.95.


There is now an OFFICIAL Teknetics Facebook page and we are seeing a lot of activity. You will begin seeing our advertising with a “Like us on Facebook” graphic. There are numerous other great Teknetics Facebook pages with lots of great information and pictures, but use the link (below) to reach our official site. We will use the site to post pictures and make announcements so be sure to “like” us so you can have the most accurate and up-to-date information. We want to encourage users to tell their stories and post pictures or videos of their finds.

Here is the link to the Official Teknetics page:

Add us to your “favorites”, and tell your friends and customers too!



Demo or used Teknetics detectors listed by dealers for sale (internet, website, craigslist, eBay, etc.), must now include the serial number in the listing.

New Dealer Information

New Dealers are required to purchase at least 2 new detectors on their initial order and continue to purchase at least 2 per year to remain an active dealer. After the initial order we will then list them as a dealer on our website for one year. They must then purchase at least 2 more new detectors within the first year, or they will then be removed from our website. To maintain a listing on our website dealers must purchase at least 4 detectors per year. Additionally, we will no longer include a dealer’s website address in the contact information if the website advertises other brands of metal detectors. We don’t believe it’s in our best interest to advertise links to our competitors’ products.

To protect our existing dealers, we will not allow any new dealerships within a 20 mile radius of an existing dealer.

New Rain Covers (see attached pictures)

We are happy to announce new neoprene rain covers for the Teknetics line up. These new covers will replace the older FACE-COVER13B, which was a vinyl cover. Two new neoprene covers will replace this older one, and one will accommodate the knobs on the Omega and G2 machines. Stock of the old cover is depleted and new covers are already shipping. New part number RAINCOV-DELTA, will fit the Alpha Delta, and Gamma detectors, MSRP is $14.95.

New part number RAINCOV-GB, will fit the Omega, G2 and Gold Bug detectors, MSRP is $14.95.

NOTE: These two rain covers were INCORRECTLY PRICED in the last price list we sent out. The attached price list has the corrected prices.

We also have new neoprene covers to fit the T2 machines for both the control box and the battery compartment. The new neoprene covers carry the same part numbers and we will begin shipping them immediately. There is a slight price increase. FACE-COVER, MSRP is $14.95, ELBOW-COVER, MSRP is $14.95.

We also have a neoprene rain cover for our new Eurotek series, RAINCOV-ET, MSRP is $14.95.


We have made some tooling changes to improve the strain relief area on all of our 10” elliptical and 11”DD coil assemblies. A new assembly procedure improves the quality of the strain relief assembly.

Improved 5” & 15” Coils. (See pictures below)

Two of our coils have been re-tooled to utilize injection molded components. This improvement shortens the lead time, produces higher yield, and removes the need for washers on the lower stem. The scuff covers are a new design also. They are now snap-on style, holding better and making removal much easier. The new covers are black polypropylene for improved durability. The old style scuff covers will not fit the new style coils.

Coil part numbers remain the same. New style scuff cover part numbers are shown below. Going forward you will need to ask your customers what coil version they have so you can supply them with the correct scuff. We will continue to maintain stock on both of the older version scuff covers.

Factory stock of the old style coils has been depleted and new coils are now shipping. New style scuff covers are also in stock. 

Here is a list of the affected coils:

5COIL-F75 (F70/F75) 15COIL-T2
15COIL-F75 (F70/F75)  
Older Coil Cover New Coil Cover

Refurbished Teknetics T2

We currently have 2 refurbished Teknetics T2LTD-BLK detectors in stock. They are in “like new” condition. First come, first served, $550.00 each.


Teknetics logo T-shirts, camo and plain caps, camo Back Pack, and the strikingly beautiful travel mug are popular, and will make great Xmas gifts. Place your orders early and promote these items for holiday sales.


Hoodies will no longer be available once our present stock is depleted. They will remain on our price list until the stock is depleted. If you wanted one you better order now.


We are now making the 10”DD coil (10COILDD-TEK) with a standard length cable of 4 feet. The original 7’ cable version will be available only on a special order basis.

We are always looking for stories, field reports, videos, testimonials and photographs of finds so encourage your customers to submit them to me. We may use them in advertising, the World Treasure News publication, or post them on our website. Shots with the detector control box near the find always makes for a great photo!

Factory direct contact information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Lori can help with order placement, shipping information and literature requests along with other services. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. William Pasillas for customer service and parts on all your Teknetics needs.


Here is access to our dealer repository of images and files. The FTP site has high resolution images for web sites along with images and service manuals. If you cannot find the images you are looking for contact Yolie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Go to:

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Click: Submit
Click: FTP Site

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