News Bulletin – December 2013

Hello Teknetics Representatives! The holiday season is in full swing and turning out to be a strong one!  Boost your sales by increasing your inventory, order early to avoid any possible shortages.


A 5” x 10” elliptical DD coil has been released for use on the T2 family of detectors. This is an ideal addition and will be a popular seller. It has great depth and separation, light and very maneuverable in stubble and debris and hits hard on the smallest of targets. 10COILDD-T2, MSRP $179, MAP $179 Dealer price starts at $117.  See attachment.

For the Holidays!

Don’t forget about our two great DELTA Specials.  These make ideal items for Xmas gifts.
DELTAGWP (MSRP $279.00).  DELTA with standard 8” coil along with headphones and a pin pointer.
DELTAGWP1 (MSRP $279.00).  DELTA with standard 8” coil along with a carry bag and a pin pointer.


We have seen some counterfeit Teknetics T2 detectors on auction sites like eBay and on Craigslist. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE!  If you see any green T2’s listed online as NEW, be very wary! If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably a fake.  These look very much like the original Green T2 and are sold by unauthorized dealers. Contact us if you see any one listing possible fakes. Buying from an authorized Teknetics distributor/dealer is the only sure way to know you are getting the real McCoy. Visit our website for a listing of current dealers. Dealers, if you don’t see your name there and you are authorized, let us know. Make your customers and local clubs aware of the counterfeit problem; put it in your newsletters and on your website. We also list on our website some known counterfeit sellers.

First Texas Cracks Down on International Counterfeit Ring

Visit our Teknetics website and read our press release about a successful raid we recently accomplished on a counterfeit ring in Dubai.

Worldwide Shipping Violations

We are currently finding numerous listings on eBay for our Fisher and Teknetics product lines that indicate “Worldwide” shipping which is a violation of our terms.  Domestic dealers CANNOT sell outside of the U.S.  Repeated violations will lead to termination of your dealership. Please inspect your current listings to correct this and use caution when placing new ads.  If you see other violations, report them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

EBay Listings with Alias seller names

Dealers must inform us if they are using alias names when selling on eBay. We are cracking down on illegal sales, counterfeits, and international shipping by US dealers and your eBay name may be put on our black-list if we cannot otherwise make contact with you to point out shipping or MAP violations. 


First Texas Products is supporting a metal detecting rights group.   They have already had success in re-establishing detecting rights in areas previously closed down.  We ask you to join us in promoting this group.  Our distributors will be including an information flier in their shipments to dealers and customers, and if you would like to do the same, Metal Detecting will provide the literature at no cost.  For more information or to make a donation, visit:  We owe it to ourselves to be proactive in protecting the future of our hobby.

Quality Improvement

We have improved the manufacturing process on the S-handle of the Teknetics Omega.  We reduced the size of a mounting hole to minimize stress on the tubing, creating a stronger pole section.  The new stronger poles are being used in current production.


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