News Bulletin – January 2015

Product Changes

Enhanced T2LTD

We have been getting great reviews on our Enhanced T2LTD detectors and the Upgrade program (see our website for details). Here is a comment we received from a relic hunter in the UK:

Years ago I had purchased an original green Teknetics T2. Over time I became somewhat of an expert on using this machine. There are little tell-tale audio signs with the T2 that tell you what’s really under the coil. Over time I have had or used most of the machines that have come onto the market and tried to find those little quirks that the T2 has but I found that I was covering the same ground time after time then going back over them afterword with the T2 as I had trust that the it was not missing stuff and time after time the machine has proved this point.

I have been very lucky to acquire a new Enhanced T2LTD with the Digital Shield Technology and new Fe-Tone, and am I happy? You bet I am! I will now be selling the remainder of my other machines because I have all I need in this machine. I have trust, a good warranty, and a first class customer services department from a company that backs up what it says about its products. Darren in the UK

Additionally we have improved the quality of the T2LTD upper pole assembly by decreasing the size of some clearance holes. Smaller holes will increase the strength and integrity of the pole assembly.

Alpha/Delta/Gamma/Omega Product Improvement

We have made some improvements to the Greek series detectors. We removed the 1/8” phone jack and added a rubberized plug to the 1/4” phone jack. This will keep dirt and debris from entering the housing when not using headphones. We also moved the location of the coil connector jack on the back of housing, to a raised portion which makes it much easier to tighten or remove the coil connector plug. This new housing will be a rolling change and implemented sometime this spring.


Hoodies are BACK

By popular demand, hooded sweatshirts are back! Proudly show your “colors” with these Black hoodies with Teknetics logo. Available in M, L, XL and XXL, specify size when ordering. Part numbers and prices remain the same as before:

TKHOODIE      MSRP $44.95

New Tall Backpack

We have added a second camo backpack to our lineup, this one is big enough to fit your entire detector. These tall backpacks are 27” high and 14” wide, with zipper enclosures and an outside compartment. They have adjustable shoulder and waist straps and a mesh water bottle pocket. These new Teknetics logo backpacks are available and in stock now. See the attached sell sheet for more information.


New Rugged Relic Shovel

We have added a new folding shovel to our lineup. This is a military grade, heavy-duty forged steel shovel/pick that collapses down to a 9” x 6” size for easy transporting. The blade is 6” wide and can be positioned in two different angles. These are well built and very rugged. Included is logo carry pouch that can be belt mounted. See the attached sell sheet for more information.

SHOVELTK      MSRP $26.00

Peek Under the Tent

Teknetics is on track to release two new detectors this spring.


The G2+ will be an improved version of the G2 with added features such as FeTone adjustable iron audio, an enhanced V-Break Tone Discrimination system, a new notch mode with adjustable notch width and an adjustable backlight. For a limited time, they will also be available in two camo versions: green and pink (for the ladies!) These new features and colors will set a new standard for this popular relic and gold detector.


The Digitek will be favored by the teenagers with its stylish colors and great feature set. This will be the detector your child won’t grow out of! Features include full discrimination capability, a pinpoint mode, 0-99 target ID numbers, 9 graphic target indicators, depth indicator, FeTone adjustable iron audio and 3-tone audio target ID. It will come in our smaller size (21 x 9 x 5) full color box, affording you less shelf space and lower shipping costs.

New TV Show?

Rumor has it there might be a new “metal detecting” TV show in the works featuring Fisher and Teknetics products. Time will tell.

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