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The following dealers are not authorized to sell Teknetics products.
» ABCD Sales, OK (Amazon vendor)
» Alex’s Buy & Sell (Amazon seller)
» Belaed1967 (Amazon seller)
» Bestseller21
» Brandi Store (Amazon seller)
» Bravo Pro (Amazon seller)
» Charliemarlietony (eBay seller, Bolton UK)
» Coolingmist (Amazon seller)
» eBay seller: BuyAuthorized 
» eBay Seller: Wild-2010, Store name: Mountain-l.o.v.e.r15
» Experts in Electronics (Amazon seller)
» Get Feet Wet Navigation
» Metal Detector Town
» Michal’s Marketplace
» Players (Amazon seller)
» ReliablePromptShippers (Amazon seller)
» Tackle Tronics (Amazon seller)
» Unbeatable Sale (Amazon seller)

Chinese manufacturers have produced counterfeits of the Teknetics T2. These counterfeit T2's have the appearance of our authentic products, but not the quality or performance. Beware: These products are of poor quality and do not function as Teknetics products.

These companies are known to sell counterfeit Teknetics products:
» Active Detecting 
» eBay seller: KW509 
» Golden Detectors 
» Kings Metal Detectors
» Junhong Electronic&Technology(Dongguan)CO., LTD.
» This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Notice to Italian Customers:

Unscrupulous dealers are maligning the good name of Teknetics in Italy. All Teknetics are made in the U.S.A., in El Paso, Texas. Organizations maligning the Teknetics brand are the subject of legal proceedings and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Italian and E.U. laws.

To French customers, Dealers, Distributors:

First Texas Products sells through La Boutique du Fouilleur in France, exclusively. There are unauthorized dealers disparaging the Teknetics® brand. These same dealers attempt to buy a product from all over the world and sell into France. Only La Boutique du Fouilleur and dealers authorized by La Boutique, are authorized by First Texas Products to guaranty the quality, warranty, and authenticity of the Teknetics® line sold in France. Because there has been an upswing in counterfeit activity throughout France, the only way a French customer can know he is buying 100% authentic Teknetics® equipment is to buy from La Boutique du Fouilleur, or one of their dealers. And La Boutique du Fouilleur has the only authorized Teknetics® technical service, warranty, and repair center in France.