Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunting

The Benefits of Metal Detecting

Many hobbies have extra benefits that come along for the ride.  When a person goes jogging as a fitness hobby, they are getting an improved cardiovascular system, improved stamina, less chance of heart issues...etc.  They also get to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps a jogging partner to go along with them.


Metal detecting is no different.  In one of my earlier blogs, I mention how coin-collecting is a secondary hobby that you might not even know you liked - until you start metal detecting anyways.  They both tie into each other fairly effortlessly, it is like a marriage of hobbies almost.

Other than secondary hobbies, what are some actual benefits that come directly from metal detecting?  That is what we will be taking a look at today. Let’s get started!

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Things Nobody Told Me About Metal Detecting

We have all been there.  At some point in life, we have all wished we could go back in time to fix something stupid.  Perhaps is was something we did, perhaps something “that guy” did, or perhaps just wasted time we want back.  Either way, most people would probably like to have a do-over every now and then.


Why couldn't somebody have just told us not to do that?

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5 Things To Do When You Can’t Go Metal Detecting

I think every human can agree that life does not always work out as planned.  Some days you have certain expectations on how your day is going to play out, only to find out life has other plans.   Bend over to grab the morning paper - here is a slipped disc for you. Want some scalding hot coffee in the morning - here is some for your lap fumble fingers.  Have a great road trip planned - here is a blown tire and busted radiator hose for you.


We have all been there in one way or another as metal detectorists as well.  You are chomping at the bit to go outside and metal detect - but can’t. The lightning storm is raging or the snow is falling.  So what is a person to do on such a dreadful day full of free time...besides go crazy?

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Seminole Wars and Metal Detecting for Artifacts

In all, the Seminole Wars consisted of 3 wars. The first Seminole war (1817-1818), the second Seminole war (1835-1842), and the Third Seminole War (1855-1858). All in all, it was an over 50-year ordeal that caused devastation to both sides. This war was fought between the U.S. and the Seminole Indians over land. The goal of the U.S. was to push all of the Seminole Indians out of Florida. One goal for the Seminoles was to fight for freedom as many of them were African American and Andrew Jackson was trying to capture them to be put back into slavery. Over the more than 50-year span of the war, many forts have been built in Florida and on the border between Florida and Georgia. These are the forts that we detect today.

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How Social Media Has Changed Metal Detecting

Before the mid 1990’s, the world was a face to face adventure for most things.  Sure, we had the telephone for instant contact to our loved ones. However, the most important encounters were saved for in-person meet and greets.  For instance, if you wanted to talk shop about metal detecting, or share finds with other hobbyists, you would go the the local metal detecting club meeting to socialize in person.  Of course it was not just metal detecting. Almost every hobby known to man had a club with a cool name and special meeting place for monthly or weekly visits.


Then, along came a spider....  

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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Metal Detecting


As the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.  That is especially true for metal detecting. Some of the greatest finds ever made were with detectors that were marketed towards teenagers and pre-teens.  On the other side of that coin (excuse the pun), many have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advanced detectors and never found a speck of gold, or anything worth their time and effort.

You never know what you are going to find in this hobby.  Thinking you can buy your way to success with expensive gear is a sure fire way to get frustrated and broke.  Thinking you will get rich quick from all your awesome finds is a surefire way to depression and...depression.


With that being said, let’s take a look at the top 5 misconceptions about our beloved hobby, in no particular order.

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So You Think You Want to be a Bottle Digger

It all started years ago when I was a child, looking at shelves full of bottles that my dad had collected or dug from before I was born. See, my dad was a bottle digger, metal detectorist and arrowhead hunter long before I was even a twinkle in his eye. As I was growing up, I saw the bottles and relics he had collected and truthfully thought he was a little crazy for keeping all of this “garbage”…….. little did I know that one day this “garbage” would become my passion too!

Brandon's dad Ricky Nicholas early 1980's                          Ricky is still digging bottles and treasure hunting today                  Brandon displaying a freshly dug turn of the century soda bottle

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