Press Release Dubai Counterfeit Raid – Oct. 6th, 2013

First Texas Products, LLC Successfully Cracks Down on International Counterfeit Ring

El Paso, Texas, Oct. 8, 2013 -- First Texas Products reports the successful raid and confiscation of counterfeit metal detectors in the United Arab Emirates. On Sept. 24, First Texas Products infiltrated a criminal counterfeit distribution organization in Dubai, resulting in the confiscation of Dh900,000 of counterfeit Teknetics® gold prospecting equipment and the arrest of two suspects.

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News Bulletin - July 22, 2013

Hello Teknetics Representatives! Attached is a new Teknetics price list for your reference. New/changed Items are shaded. Also attached are pictures of some new accessories.


New on the Travel Channel, Wednesdays at 9 PM Central, watch the new reality TV show DIG WARS. The Premier episode aired June 12, about three pairs of detectorists searching for coins and relics with metal detectors. You will see various Teknetics and Fisher detectors on different episodes and we expect it will create an increase in sales so tune in to catch all the details. This show is the best metal detecting reality show on the air, and it really emphasizes proper digging techniques (filling holes) and has a very strong historical aspect to it as well. We think it will be so well received that it will get renewed for a second season! If you miss an episode you can replay it on the Travel Channel website. If you have seen the third episode, you may have also noticed the Teknetics commercial we ran! If you missed it, visit our website and you can view it there along with our other new commercial.

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