Clay Daley, T2 Ltd

There is spot that I have been hunting for the last 3-years. It’s produced some mighty fine relics including confederate buttons, bullets, sword pieces and coins, to name a few. The site is littered with iron and every hole is loaded with brick and pottery.

However, after 3-years of heavy hunting, signals there were getting few and far between. I have recently started hunting with the updated T2 Ltd and it has been producing some good relics in pounded out sites.

I had not had a chance to use the T2 in this particular spot and I really wanted to see what it could do. Finally, I got a chance to hunt it but after 45 minutes of digging the only things found were a few pieces of melted lead and a musket ball. In my mind this site was done and I was getting ready to leave when a friend of mine pulled up. I started telling him the history on the site and showing him were most of the relics had come from. After some time had passed I told him I was getting ready to leave and that we could hunt our way back to the truck. We started walking and I got a pretty good signal. I could tell it was deep and it was reading 74 on the meter.

I started digging and with each scoop I would check the dirt. I made it down about 10-inches and struck something hard. It was two bricks in the bottom of the hole. I moved the bricks out of the way and checked the hole again. The signal was still there and reading 74. I took another scoop of dirt out and now the signal was lying on top of the ground. I pushed the dirt out of the way and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Looking back at me after being in the ground for 150 years, was a Confederate Engineer button! I was in disbelief and I could not believe that this button had come out of this pounded out spot. Needless to say, the updated T2 had done its job! 

Clay Daley