Troy, Eurotek Pro

I put about 6 hours on the Eurotek Pro in the past 2 days. In my opinion it is an excellent detector for the money. I really like the integration of the iron volume control on this machine. This is a very user friendly feature and should be integrated in all of the Fisher and Teknetics machines.

It makes the machine very pleasant to use. The Eurotek Pro gets decent depth. It is lightweight and easy to swing. It does fairly well in low to moderate iron as far as target separation between ferrous and non-ferrous targets. I personally believe that the Eurotek Pro is a very good starter machine for a detectorist beginning in our hobby and that some great finds can be made with it. Overall I was pleasantly surprised at the Eurotek Pro’s performance and I look forward to seeing what's next. The technology never ceases to amaze me. It just keeps getting better and better.

Here are a few photos of the “keepers” recovered while using the Eurotek Pro. The sites I visited were previously hunted with other high-end detectors so I put it to the test at some tough sites. I was pleased to recover what I did.

June, 2014

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