Metal Detecting Finds from Teknetics Customers

Our customers have unearthed some incredible finds with a wide range of our metal detectors. These treasures include Civil War and Roman era relics, big spills, gold coins, buttons, rings, and many more. We love receiving these stories and hope to continue growing the Teknetics metal detecting community with more valuable finds! Check out the user submitted stories and YouTube videos below.

Randy McDonald, Gamma 6000

Gamma 6000 by Teknetics finds coins

I was using my Gamma 6000 in my front yard and the third hole I dug out popped an 1863 Army Navy Civil War token!!! Needless to say I was very excited!!! Thank you Teknetics®!!! I am very impressed with your product!!!

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Clive R, T2

Teknetics T2 finds coins

I recently found a Roman bronze Claudius 11 ... 268-270 AD. I am happy with that being my first Roman coin ever! Getting on well with the T2 and would not swap it for the world.
I’ve attached of some of the best finds I’ve made with the T2 this year.

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Steve Barnes, G2

Ring found with Teknetics G2

One of my metal detecting buddies told me a funny story: The owners of an heirloom ring went out on their farm. The ring had belonged to the wife’s great-great grandmother and was valued between $23,000 and $25,000.

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David, T2

Gold coin found with Teknetics T2 metal detector

This gold coin struck at the time of king Charlemagne and was found by a T2! It's an incredible find made in Corsica, with the highest value! The nicest coin I've seen in the last 2 years.

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Hal, G2

Charleston Slave Hire badge found with Teknetics G2

My regular machine is the Teknetics T2, but I decided to try the G2 with a small coil in one plantation site loaded with iron. In a very short time I found my seventh Charleston Slave Hire badge, a Servant occupation dated 1850.

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Hack Torc, T2

Gold Celtic coin found with Teknetics T2 Metal Detector

Both of these items were found with a Teknetics® T2 detector at a recent rally in the UK. The ‘hack torc’ is a piece of Celtic torc that has been literally hacked up as currency rather than a bracelet or necklace.

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