Metal Detecting Finds from Teknetics Customers

Our customers have unearthed some incredible finds with a wide range of our metal detectors. These treasures include Civil War and Roman era relics, big spills, gold coins, buttons, rings, and many more. We love receiving these stories and hope to continue growing the Teknetics metal detecting community with more valuable finds! Check out the user submitted stories and YouTube videos below.

James M., G2

Unearthed items by James M with Teknetics T2

I have been using the Teknetics® G2 with the 10-inch Elliptical DD coil for a year now. A great combination. Did a little research over this long cold winter and narrowed down some sites along the old Oregon Trail. Here are some of my finds...

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Chris Edwards, T2

Several finds by Chris Edwards with T2 metal detector by Teknetics

These are my finds so far with the T2. I’m blown away by the power of this machine. It’s so deep! It loves Roman coins and it loves silver, I just can’t get enough of the mighty T2! Thank you Teknetics for creating this beast!

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Abe H, T2 SE

Coins found by Abe H with Teknetics Metal Detector

My girlfriend bought me a T2 SE for my birthday last September. It was my first machine ever. I hit the ground running and was finding great items right off the bat. Several old coppers from the early 19th and 18th centuries. I even found (2) 1782- 2 reales and a 1739 1 real.

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Solas, G2

Finds by Solas with Teknetics G2

My name is Jim Gosk, I go by the name of Solas on the metal detecting forums. I have been detecting in Scotland for over 25 years. In that time I have made some interesting finds that date back to Roman times.

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Morayhunter, T2

Finds by Morayhunter with Teknetics T2

I go by Morayhunter on the forums and I recently found this hoard with my T2 while assisting Aberdeen University. Pictured here is but one piece of this hoard that is comprised of over a hundred pieces of silver found by the T2.

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Troy, Eurotek Pro

Multiple finds by Troy with Eurotek Pro

I put about 6 hours on the Eurotek Pro in the past 2 days. In my opinion it is an excellent detector for the money. I really like the integration of the iron volume control on this machine. This is a very user friendly feature and should be integrated in all of the Fisher and Teknetics machines.

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