Metal Detecting Finds from Teknetics Customers

Our customers have unearthed some incredible finds with a wide range of our metal detectors. These treasures include Civil War and Roman era relics, big spills, gold coins, buttons, rings, and many more. We love receiving these stories and hope to continue growing the Teknetics metal detecting community with more valuable finds! Check out the user submitted stories and YouTube videos below.

T2 Wins Beach Hunt Competition

Finds by Daniel

Everything shown is a T2 find. I won a top prize at a recent seeded Beach hunt in Belmar NJ this summer - an 1853 $ 2.50 US gold coin worth about $500 using the T2 as my competition machine!

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Rare button found with T2

Relic found with Teknetics metal detector

1853 1 dollar gold coin and rare SC button found with T2. And below Artillery button, US Plate, Civil War Confederate Infantry buttons, Revenue Cutter button and Pistol.

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Daryl finds coins with Omega 8000

Coins found with Omega 8000

I've used the Omega 8000 with 3 coils now for about ten weeks. I have spent most of my detecting time at one small park with 4 ball diamonds, near my home. I detect a few hours a week. I have just found my 850th coin at that small park, using the Omega! The park was built in the 1970's, and its loaded with coins and trash.

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Omega 8000 excels in "hunted out" areas

Finds with Omega 8000 metal detector

WOW! My hunting partner Clay mentioned we could hunt this pounded CS camp not far from where we were. He and Thomas went there last year and dug 3 or 4 69 cal. french triangle based bullets and a bleeder. There was also a small colonial spot on the property. I said I've never been in it so lets go I'd love to find one of those bullets.

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Mark Daughtrey, G2

Relic finds with Teknetics G2

I have had the new G2 for just over a month and I am really impressed with it's performance. I hunt Civil War relics here in SW Missouri and in the places that have been hunted hard in the past, the G2 really shines!! Countless bullets, buttons and a really neat counterfeit $5 gold coin have been found in these "Worked Out" fields.

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