Metal Detecting Finds from Teknetics Customers

Our customers have unearthed some incredible finds with a wide range of our metal detectors. These treasures include Civil War and Roman era relics, big spills, gold coins, buttons, rings, and many more. We love receiving these stories and hope to continue growing the Teknetics metal detecting community with more valuable finds! Check out the user submitted stories and YouTube videos below.

Brian Cavill

Coin found by Brian Cavill

On an outing in June with my T2 I found a few poor quality late Roman coins BUT a nice sword chape in bronze. It is 5cm wide with a lovely patina. Then, by site only, I discovered a bone gaming counter on the surface of the plowed field, my best find on the day, plus a decent Crispus coin (A.D.317/326) with the Altar reverse minted in London.

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T2 finds by Peter Eles

Buttons found with Teknetics T2

Here is a few T2 finds. The 5 buttons from top to bottom are as follows. An extremely rare english imported confederate engineers button, a rare SC button with a backmark not listed by Albert only a few known to exist.A rare Kings Mountain military school button 1855. It was S. Carolina's only civil war period school and the buttons are scarce especially dug ones. A rare SC button that was made during the war in Columbia SC called a confederate local and a rare English imported confederate block I button.

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Beau Ouimette

Beau Ouimette with T2 and multiple finds

I just attended my first DIVs in the infamous “red clays” of Virginia. I was determined to use my Teknetics T2 metal detector, but was warned by many that the high mineralization of the red clays was the domain of Pulse Induction machines and a VLF metal detector was best left at home.

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Andy Muller

Rare coin found by Andy Muller

These are all T2 (Terminator) finds. Some of my choice finds. I have several thousand people that read my reviews on a few websites and forums and I get many emails asking advice on finding the good silver/gold finds in contaminated ground. I did not plan this but we help where we can. The John Penny is a significant find, so is the Belgae Celtic unit and the Edward VI Harp mintmark hammered.

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CS Button found by John with T2

CS Button

This was my first CS button I found when I got my new T2. I can take a group shot of several CS buttons and plate found with this machine. Thought the MS R button would be a good one as not many are found. Found three (SC,NC and Blk I) right after I bought the small coil and hit some pounded iron in some written off house sites.

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