Metal Detecting Finds from Teknetics Customers

Our customers have unearthed some incredible finds with a wide range of our metal detectors. These treasures include Civil War and Roman era relics, big spills, gold coins, buttons, rings, and many more. We love receiving these stories and hope to continue growing the Teknetics metal detecting community with more valuable finds! Check out the user submitted stories and YouTube videos below.

Johnnie Barnes, T2

Relics found with T2

Boy what a great time we had in March. I bought a new metal detector a Teknetics T2. In March I found 2 un-hunted sites in Aiken County, South Carolina.

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Sharon McKee, T2

Old coin found with Teknetics T2

I purchased the T2 five months ago as I needed a better machine. In this short time I've had some great finds, that I've never found before, so I can honestly say it's brilliant. This includes two Scottish Hammered Coins from the reign of James VI of Scotland (James I of England).

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Gregory Lovas finds Silver

Token found with Teknetics metal detector

Hunted the park today for a couple of hours, came up with another whistle, some clad and a 1903 Judge saloon trade token. Going back this weekend, I know there is silver there.

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Brad & Stacey Wilson, T2

Finds with Teknetics T2

It is with great pride that I say thank you for the T2. I have had it out and had success on it's maiden run. I have attached the pictures of what I found. I have been over this 1800's river crossing with lots of detectors over the last 18 months.

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Jim Vogel, T2 Limited Edition

Coins found with T2 Limited Edition

I have had the Teknetics T2 Limited Edition for about 2 months now. Just wanted to let you know that I do not believe I could have bought a better metal detector. In my 2+ months of hunting local areas, I have found 14 silver coins, 98 wheat pennies,

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John Borden, T2

George Washington inaugural button

I found this rare ‘Long Live the President’ George Washington inaugural button with my T2. It was found in a cellar hole that many detectorist had hunted for years in the past. I hunted around the cellar in the iron, and the T2 was finding all the coins and relics that others had missed.

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